Tybee Island

One of our most popular and also, favorite locations to do elopements is Tybee Island!  We have a great spot that we do the weddings down at the end of Chatham Ave.
It’s not as crowded there since it is far away from the pier and the stores and places to eat. Just pure lovely beach with dunes and all kinds of fabulous things.

We’ve attached a whole bunch of awesome photos here for you to look at. We do have some advice for the beach though:

  1. Wear comfy clothes that are good for windy conditions
  2. High heels just can’t work on the sand….. barefoot time is best! Or flats
  3. Don’t be afraid to go in the water if you’re daring!
  4. Don’t get married on the beach at noon. You probably won’t be able to keep your eyes open and everyone will be there sunbathing. The BEST time for photos is right before sunset. Or even later afternoon if you can’t get that time slot. The morning is NOT good….trust us on this one!
  5. Veils blow away.
  6. It’s usually windy out there. So this is usually a good thing in the summer. But can make it extra cold.
  7. If you have long hair, do an updo.
  8. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Bonaventure cemetery

Elope to Savannah offers the Southern Gothic Cemetery package which can take place in your choice of the gorgeous Bonaventure, Greenwich, Colonial Park, or Laurel Grove Cemetery.
In Savannah, popularized by authors such as Flannery O’Connor (her birthplace is on Lafayette Square on Charlton St!) the absurd, dark, and sometimes morbid are seen as beautiful, life affirming and positive things here! We LOVE our cemeteries and a popular thing to do for locals is say “Wanna go hang out in the cemetery today and walk around?” Seriously, we do that. It’s a thing.
Weddings here are beautiful and quiet.
Photos are the best way to show this:
Bonaventure Cemetery

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Laurel Grove

This cemetery is home to the grave of Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA. And home to Elizabeth’s very first college job!

Colonial Park:

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Wormsloe Plantation and Historical Site

We offer a wedding package in the gorgeous Wormsloe Historic Site.  This blog post has some useful info about this location.

First of all here is some history.

Fun and useful facts:
Wormsloe Plantation is NOT the location where the “Run Forrest, run!” scene was filmed in Forrest Gump, the movie filmed all around Savannah and the low country. (we are an Amazon Affiliate)
That scene was filmed in South Carolina. See the second slide in this page we found here.
To get the best wedding experience at the plantation, wear comfortable, flat shoes. That way we can walk all over the place! Go to the marsh, see the bridge over the tidal ponds, the ruins, and of course get some shots on the iconic drive.
In the summer, please use lots of insect repellent!  We recommend this kind, but please feel free to choose your own. The area is host to chiggers and the usual flying insects of the summer. But avoiding chiggers is especially important, especially around the ankles!
The oaks look best when it is slightly overcast and just after a rain.
The Resurrection Ferns get very happy and bright green when it is freshly rained, so don’t stress about that!

We LOVE doing weddings there and it is one of our favorite, historic and beautiful places to just to go and walk around for fun…even as locals.
Your wedding will be GORGEOUS there!

Holiday Engagements

Happy Holiday season everyone!!  With so many holidays happening since Thanksgiving to the middle of January, this is clearly a very special time for most people and often brings holiday Engagements!!

Wedding rings with holiday flowers
Getting engaged over the holidays? Elope to Savannah wants to help!

If you’ve gotten engaged or know someone who has and want to skip the stress, expense and hassle of a giant wedding – you’ve come to the right place!  Save that money for your honeymoon, a down payment on a house or car, the kids’ college funds, or a big party for all your friends and family when you get back home from Savannah after your elopement!

We still have lots of spaces open around new year’s eve and day and would love to help you plan something special.

We are also doing surprise proposal shoots and engagement shoots as well!

Wedding video!



Check this out everyone!! Congrats to Toya and Jamar!

This video also kind of shows what happens when we do a wedding – without actually seeing us too much! I (Elizabeth) was there the whole time and the video is mostly just live shots of us going through the photo shoot and the end of the ceremony. This couple had a “first look” at their hotel and it was super romantic. The rest was from the wedding and our shoot! Super simple and easy!

2017 -first recap

Greetings everyone! This has been one crazy year, that’s for sure! At the present moment, I am getting my gear ready to go out to do wedding number 359 of the year! It is raining but the couple has a swanky hotel that is letting us use the inside – so I’m not stressing about that.
359 awesome couples + all their guests, from all over the world. I do feel honored and special that they chose to come here and work with me and Doug and also on occasion with Jim, McKenzie, Leah, Mike, Michael, Mike, Karl, John, Jon, and Carol….. yes, that’s a lot of Michaels! We have an amazing support staff that steps up to the plate when things get crazy or some downtime needs to happen. I want to thank all of them for their much needed help and support!


We always want all of you to know that you are our number one priority. We want our clients to have the most amazing and stress free wedding day they didn’t think could happen!  That is our goal.
We also want you to end up with the most awesome photos from your day as well.

Usually, it’s just the two of us managing all that goes on to make this little business work. We try to do the best we can to answer your questions and emails immediately – sometimes that’s even at 2am if we are awake!

Eloping to Savannah should be easy and fun and we hope to help that be a possibility for everyone!

I’ll write more later about things, but now I have to go and get Patty and Scott married downtown!  Photos will come soon!


Holidays in Savannah

Greetings everyone!  Savannah is gorgeous in December. The weather is usually mild….anywhere from 40s to 80s…. and the city loves to decorate!
I went out and snapped a few photos for your enjoyment.

We also will be announcing this blog formally with this post, so welcome!  We will be posting tips, tricks, advice, photos, more photos, and other great wedding and elopement related stuff here. We have some super awesome announcements to make very soon too so look for that!  Enjoy the photos!

Pulaski Square

Pulaski Square is by far Elizabeth’s favorite square. This square was adjacent to the first two places she lived in Savannah.
It is LUSH with trees and has no distracting monuments or fountains. It is just the absolute pure tranquil beauty of Savannah in its finest.

Located on Barnard Street between Charlton and Harris, it is a true gem and very quiet and gorgeous place to get married.

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