Mini Bio – Elizabeth

Hello everyone!  I’m Elizabeth – the owner and main photographer for Elope to Savannah!
I just wanted to introduce myself. There is a blurb about me on our website, but I’ll tell you some more stuff here too!

I was born in Charlotte, NC and moved to Savannah in 1997 after high school to go to The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) – After I graduated in 2001 with my BFA in Photography, I worked for the college for 3 years as a photographer and archivist. I also started up my own freelance photography business. After the 3 years, I decided to make a go of it on my own. At first I would take just about any job related to photography that anyone would pay me to do.
It was a long process of learning how to do things and I also had a lot of odd jobs along the way to fill in the gaps.
Finally in 2010, I met my friend Chad, who was the former owner of Elope to Savannah. We became fast friends and soon I was his primary photographer. He moved away in 2013 to live in Oklahoma and left me the business, for which I am forever grateful!  I found my niche finally!
So since then, I’ve worked really hard to make the business my own and have enjoyed seeing it grow and change. Now I’ve settled into very good stuff and working with Doug is a great thing.
We enjoy having the only photographer owned elopement business in Savannah and the longest running dedicated elopement provider.
Aside from business stuff, here are some fun facts about me!

I love calico and tortoiseshell cats!
I enjoy the outdoors – walking, photography, camping, target shooting (traditional archery, pistol, rifle, and air rifle), going to the beach, canoeing, and being in nature.
I love being a homeowner and taking care of my house.
I had open heart surgery in 2013 to replace my mitral valve.
I love fried chicken and all kinds of Southern food.
I enjoy knitting, art, and shopping.
I am obsessed with BB-8 from Star Wars, unicorns, and foxes.
I have three tattoos.
I love station wagons.
I have been an extra in several movies and TV shows, including “The Conspirator”, “Vice Principals”, and “The Hunger Games”

If y’all have any questions about me, just let me know!  I’m so happy to be able to do what I love and make beautiful images for all of you!



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