2017 -first recap

Greetings everyone! This has been one crazy year, that’s for sure! At the present moment, I am getting my gear ready to go out to do wedding number 359 of the year! It is raining but the couple has a swanky hotel that is letting us use the inside – so I’m not stressing about that.
359 awesome couples + all their guests, from all over the world. I do feel honored and special that they chose to come here and work with me and Doug and also on occasion with Jim, McKenzie, Leah, Mike, Michael, Mike, Karl, John, Jon, and Carol….. yes, that’s a lot of Michaels! We have an amazing support staff that steps up to the plate when things get crazy or some downtime needs to happen. I want to thank all of them for their much needed help and support!


We always want all of you to know that you are our number one priority. We want our clients to have the most amazing and stress free wedding day they didn’t think could happen!  That is our goal.
We also want you to end up with the most awesome photos from your day as well.

Usually, it’s just the two of us managing all that goes on to make this little business work. We try to do the best we can to answer your questions and emails immediately – sometimes that’s even at 2am if we are awake!

Eloping to Savannah should be easy and fun and we hope to help that be a possibility for everyone!

I’ll write more later about things, but now I have to go and get Patty and Scott married downtown!  Photos will come soon!



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