Wormsloe Plantation and Historical Site

We offer a wedding package in the gorgeous Wormsloe Historic Site.  This blog post has some useful info about this location.

First of all here is some history.

Fun and useful facts:
Wormsloe Plantation is NOT the location where the “Run Forrest, run!” scene was filmed in Forrest Gump, the movie filmed all around Savannah and the low country. (we are an Amazon Affiliate)
That scene was filmed in South Carolina. See the second slide in this page we found here.
To get the best wedding experience at the plantation, wear comfortable, flat shoes. That way we can walk all over the place! Go to the marsh, see the bridge over the tidal ponds, the ruins, and of course get some shots on the iconic drive.
In the summer, please use lots of insect repellent!  We recommend this kind, but please feel free to choose your own. The area is host to chiggers and the usual flying insects of the summer. But avoiding chiggers is especially important, especially around the ankles!
The oaks look best when it is slightly overcast and just after a rain.
The Resurrection Ferns get very happy and bright green when it is freshly rained, so don’t stress about that!

We LOVE doing weddings there and it is one of our favorite, historic and beautiful places to just to go and walk around for fun…even as locals.
Your wedding will be GORGEOUS there!


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