Tybee Island

One of our most popular and also, favorite locations to do elopements is Tybee Island!  We have a great spot that we do the weddings down at the end of Chatham Ave.
It’s not as crowded there since it is far away from the pier and the stores and places to eat. Just pure lovely beach with dunes and all kinds of fabulous things.

We’ve attached a whole bunch of awesome photos here for you to look at. We do have some advice for the beach though:

  1. Wear comfy clothes that are good for windy conditions
  2. High heels just can’t work on the sand….. barefoot time is best! Or flats
  3. Don’t be afraid to go in the water if you’re daring!
  4. Don’t get married on the beach at noon. You probably won’t be able to keep your eyes open and everyone will be there sunbathing. The BEST time for photos is right before sunset. Or even later afternoon if you can’t get that time slot. The morning is NOT good….trust us on this one!
  5. Veils blow away.
  6. It’s usually windy out there. So this is usually a good thing in the summer. But can make it extra cold.
  7. If you have long hair, do an updo.
  8. HAVE FUN!!!!!

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